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  Title: Burning Hearts
Fandom: Cabin Pressure, Sherlock
Gene: Crossover, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Mystery, Fluff
Character/s: Sherlock, Martin, Mycroft, John, Douglas, Carolyn, Arthur, Lestrade, Moriarty, OCs and other minor Sherlock characters
Rating: PG-13 
Summary: Round Two. Only this time, the stakes have changed... and so have the players.
Warnings: Violence. Bit of foul language. Spoiler for The Great Game.
Notes: Sequel to Thicker than Water. Reading that first will help understanding this fic.

Sorry for the delay. 

Thanks to Elvendork for her betaing. 

Chapter One
Chapter Two 
Chapter Three
Chapter Four  
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven 
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine 
Chapter Ten 

Carolyn Knapp-Shappey could walk into a room and have it under her control in a matter of moments. She could make anyone listen to her, even if half the time she angered them within seconds of talking.

It was this trait of hers that had first interested Gordon, and had kept him interested throughout the years of fighting.

Of course she had been given what Sherlock assured her were fool proof materials in order to get into the building so her talent would be there as a backup. Carolyn wasn’t sure who Sherlock was calling the fool though- her or Mycroft’s coworkers. For his sake, she hoped it was the coworkers.

But he had been right, damn him. Mycroft’s office was a bleak thing, one of a dozen similar buildings in the street. She had strolled into the office like she owned it and no one had looked twice. Sherlock had given her Mycroft’s ID and it had quickly got her up the locked elevator and into his personal office.

Definitely Mycroft’s coworkers who were the fools.

She began to rummage round his desk, opening files and searching for his address book. It wouldn’t take to long to notice her and then she could have some answers.


Twenty-five minutes later, Carolyn had an answer regarding the importance of Mycroft Holmes to this office but nothing further.

“Ma’am!” Finally a young security guard appeared in the doorway. “You’re not supposed to be here!”

“I think you’ll find I am. And now I want to speak to your boss.”

The man blinked. “My boss?”

“Yes, your boss. I’ll wait here, as I have been for the last twenty-five minutes and you’ll go fetch your boss and bring them here.”

The man spluttered. Carolyn pointed a finger through the door. “Go on! Your boss! Now.” She said dangerously.

He left. It was not more than two minutes later that a man in a suit marched into the office.

“Ma’am-” He began.

“You’re in charge? Excellent. I’ve a few questions. One, how long has your security team been out of contact with Mycroft Holmes?”

“Ma’am, I assure you we are not out of contact with anyone within our network.”

Carolyn smirked. “You aren’t? Excellent. Two, where is he?”

“That is classified information. You’ll have to make an appointment if you wish to see him.” The man stated in a hard voice.

“Alright then. Where is James Moriarty then?” Carolyn asked.

“I beg your pardon?”

“I know for a fact that Mycroft Holmes is with James Moriarty. Whose location is not classified. So, where is he?” Carolyn said.

“Mr Holmes is not-”

Carolyn had had enough. She held up the phone Sherlock had lent her and pressed play.
“Hmm. Interesting. A miscommunication then. Perhaps you need to be clearer in future, Jimmy.”

“And perhaps your brother needs broken legs. I’ll see to it if you’re not careful, Sherly.”

The suited man’s eyes widened. “That’s James Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes talking about...Mr Holmes?”

“And the penny drops!” Carolyn said. “Now, I’m working with Sherlock to find his brothers and I will have your cooperation.”


Carolyn decided this was taking too long. “Brothers! Both of whom will die if you do not answer my questions. Now, clearly you lot are useless without Mycroft but can you at least tell me when he left?”

“He never came in for work. We...figured, well we weren’t sure, we just-”

Carolyn cut off the rambling. “Open that draw.” She pointed at a locked draw.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid I can’t grant you access to sensitive information-”

“I’m not asking for it. I just want that draw open.” Carolyn retorted.

“I can’t! Mr Holmes is the only one with a key.” He shouted.

Carolyn nodded. “I know.”

“What?” Said the shell shocked man.

“The draw has been forced open.”

As the man continued to gape in shock, Carolyn began to walk out of the building while calling Sherlock.


“I’m surprised Sherlock Holmes. You were right on every account.”



“You’re a patient person, Doctor.” A young woman said.

John opened his eyes to see Billie Wiggins, standing before him. The fierce sixteen year old had made herself Sherlock’s main contact among the homeless and had an instinct for knowing who to ask and where to do. She also was the only one able to encourage those injured to take up John’s offer of professional aid.

He pushed off the wall he had been leaning against for a half hour, keeping one arm behind him. “I knew you’d come eventually.” He said mildy.

“Well, when Doc Watson starts asking the homeless for directions to me I know I’m needed. What’s up Doc?”

John smirked. “How long have you been saving that?”

“A while.”

“Do it around Sherlock sometime.” John said, bringing out his hand. “Here, take these photos. Show them around. I need to know if any of them are sighted. There’s a list of names too.”

Billie didn’t take the list. “Don’t need it. Chances are, no one will know them by name and the ones that do won’t help.”

John nodded. “I also need you to keep an eye out for Mycroft Holmes.”

“He interfering again?” She said. “I know a few people who work in or near his office. We can make his life miserable.”

“He’s missing. As is Sherlock’s younger brother Martin Crieff- bottom photo.”

Billie pulled the photo out. “My God. He’s the spitting image... We’ll not need this.”

She turned to leave, when an idea occurred to John. “Billie? Can you arrange for those people who work in Mycroft’s office to come to see us at Baker Street? I think they might be able to help.”


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