Nov. 21st, 2011 10:33 pm
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So the trip consisted of me and nine friends hiring a house down the coast and staying there for a week. Far better than camping, and really close to the beach, with no adults. The place we stayed at was Lake Tabourie, but to get there we had to drive just over two hours.

Took us four.
Behind here be many photos, a bad joke or two and shows how horrible I am at taking pictures... )
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I have survived my schoolies week, and it was brilliant. No arguments (except the one over where tomato sauce goes- fridge or cupboard), no parties ( loud parties. Lots of music) and no alcohol! Instead, a week of hanging out, playing video games and having a blast at the local arcade. And down the beach.

My friends are awesome.

Pictures to come.
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Well... Until Monday when I go away for a week. After that though, I plan to write like I've never written before- I have so many plot bunnies in my head I've recruited the puppy to keep them in line! xD

On the puppy, he's getting so big now!  Have a couple of photos.

Fluffy Puppy )

Wasn't able to post something yesterday about Remembrance Day due to LJ being silly, so I'll say it now. Lest We Forget their service, their sacrifice, their lives whoever they may be, and whoever they may have fought for. May there never be another "War to end all Wars" and may those who serve currently, find their way home safely to those who love them.

May we always Remember.


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