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Title: Burning Hearts

Fandom: Cabin Pressure, Sherlock
Gene: Crossover, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Mystery, Fluff
Character/s: Sherlock, Martin, Mycroft, John, Douglas, Carolyn, Arthur, Lestrade, Moriarty, OCs and other minor Sherlock characters
Rating: PG-13 
Summary: Round Two. Only this time, the stakes have changed... and so have the players.
Warnings: Violence. Bit of foul language. Spoiler for The Great Game.
Notes: Sequel to Thicker than Water. Reading that first will help understanding this fic.

Sorry this is late, I had a bit of trouble with it... This fic is getting to be much longer than I thought it would be..

Thanks to Fifi for her betaing.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

“Um, Sherlock. How are we going to get to Fitton in an hour?”

As soon as he had hung up on Carolyn, Sherlock had sent a flurry of texts while indicating to John to go pack a bag. Two minutes later he had barged into John’s room and groaned at the speed at which he was packing. Pushing John aside, Sherlock had taken over the task.

Sherlock looked up from where he was packing John’s underwear. John was trying hard not to blush and by the heat on his cheeks, was failing.

“I’ve access to a car of Mycroft’s. It’ll be parked around out the front in five minutes. We’ll be able to make it if I drive fast enough.”

“You can drive?” John couldn’t keep the shock out of his voice.

Sherlock gave his “People are stupid, why do I bother?” sigh as he threw the closed bag at John. “Of course I can drive, it’s not like it is a hard skill to master.”

John just pursed his lips. “Right. Do you have a licence?” he asked as he followed Sherlock down the stairs to the street, only pausing when Sherlock grabbed his own packed bag.

“John, I just said I can drive, of course-“

John cut him off. “Sherlock being able to drive is not the same as having a licence. Do you have a licence?”

Standing on their doorstep waiting for the car, Sherlock fished his wallet out and found his licence. “There…Oh.”


Sherlock gave the licence a confused look. “It expired last year.” He kept looking at it as if trying to make the date change without any effort on his behalf.

John suppressed a laugh. “I’ll drive then.”


Douglas was surprised to see flashing lights when he pulled into the airport car park. It took him a few second to spot the ambulance and police cars the lights were coming from, but once he did, his blood ran cold.

They were near GERTI’s hanger. And Martin had been last seen there…

He parked his Lexus carelessly, barely stopping to lock it before sprinting across the car park to the airport gate. He slowed down and flashed his ID at the security guard, who is too busy trying to make out what is happening to pay attention to Douglas. Douglas didn’t start running again, but kept up a fast walk as he made his way over to the hangar.

He stopped when he hit the police line which was surrounded by nearly every person who worked at the airport. He quickly scanned the crowd of uniformed officers, looking for one of his fellow crew members.

“Douglas!” he looked up at Carolyn’s voice. For a moment he couldn’t see her, then the crowd before him cleared and Carolyn was standing in front of him. She had a bright orange blanket wrapped around her and a cup of what looked to be coffee in her hands. Douglas’ mostly forgotten medical knowledge noted them as the treatment for shock.

“Carolyn. Are you alright? Are Arthur…and Martin?”

A flash of pain passed across Carolyn’s face at the mention of Martin, but she nodded. “Arthur and I are fine.” She motioned at Douglas to
hop under the police line.

“I’m sorry Sir, but you have to stay behind the line-“ One officer spoke up as Douglas goes to hop under the line.

Carolyn turned on him. “This man is involved in this crime. He has information regarding the location of my missing employee which you all seem to be ignoring and he’s the only one likely to be able to help me handle my son.” The officer flinched at the mention of Arthur, which made Douglas curious.

“…Alright Miss. Just go over by that hangar, and I’ll see if I can get a detective over to interview him.” He motioned towards a hangar nowhere near GERTI’s but still within the police line. Carolyn paused for a second but then moved towards the hangar, Douglas on her heels.


An hour later they were still sitting in the shade of the hangar watching the proceedings of the scene. Arthur joined them within minutes of them being directed over; his cheeriness having annoyed the lead detective soon after his arrival.

Douglas carefully filled his co-workers in on the details of his trip to Martin’s and then listened intently as Carolyn described the events at the airport. When it comes to the body, she falters and sends Arthur to see how long it will be so he can’t hear that part of her story.
Douglas is about to offer his opinion on the events when he hears Arthur’s voice, causing the two to look up.

“Skipper! SKIPPER!” Arthur breaks away from the detective he is walking beside, and heads straight for the police line. It takes Douglas a moment, but he spots who Arthur was calling- a dark haired man, wearing a vaguely familiar coat arguing with a police officer. A note of hope flares in his chest. However, both he and Carolyn realise what is going to happen before Arthur reaches the man and begin to run towards them.

The man looks up just in time to be crash tackled by Arthur as Douglas refuses to call Arthur’s run-up-hugs hugs. He was only kept from falling over by the quick actions of the blonde man beside him, who managed to support his and Arthur’s weight until he was released.

Douglas jogged up in time to hear the man ask “…What on Earth was that?!”

“A run-up-hug Skip. Don’t you remember? Oh! Did you lose your memory when you were kidnapped?”

“Kidnapped?!” the police officer Mar-No, Martin’s brother Sherlock- was arguing with said. Judging by the fact he was wearing plain clothes but for his hat and badge; Douglas would guess this was one of the detectives investigating the scene.

Sherlock gave the man a withering glance. “I believe Arthur here is confusing me with my very similar looking, but completely different brother Martin.”

“Who has been kidnapped?” the blonde man- John, was it? - said, managing to make it both a statement and a question.

Sherlock frowned. “Not sure yet John. I don’t have enough data. One cannot theorise before one has all the facts, because one may eventually twist facts to suit theories rather than theories to suit facts. Martin is merely… in an unknown location.”

John gave his friend a sympathetic look as he took a step closer to stand by Sherlock’s side. The police looked from one to the other completely baffled.


Sherlock cut over him. “I need to see the crime scene. A man’s life depends on it. And before you start arguing with me again I would like to know how your wife is.”

The police detective was taken aback. “My wife?”

“Your wife. Your pregnant wife. Due soon, is she?”

Everyone except John began to blink in confusion while the detective in question's eyes began to widen. “How did you-?”

“Easy, you have a wedding ring on, any idiot can see that. Pregnant was a bit harder but-“

“Is there a point to this?” Douglas cut in, gaining a glare from Sherlock at his interruption of his genius.

“Of course. Two minutes in your crime scene and I will be able to tell you who was there, and exactly what happened.” Sherlock stared directly at the detective. The man began to sweat under the intense stare. “I can save you countless hours of work, and even a life if you let me in for two minutes.”

It was odd to hear Martin’s voice, or something close to it, being so persuasive and smooth. Yet Douglas could see Sherlock’s argument taking effect on the detective.

“Two minutes?”

“Two minutes.” Sherlock confirmed. The detective sighed, then nodded.

“I’ll allow it for two minutes. You had better help.”

Sherlock smiled a cold, emotionless, but proud smile. “Of course I will, I’m Sherlock Holmes.”

Date: 2011-09-08 03:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Clever Sherlock. That may be an unorthodox way of convincing a cop that you know what you're doing, but it worked.

And I'm still losing fingernails here...

(even though I did giggle at Sherlock's expired license.)

Date: 2011-09-08 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yup. He knows how to make people do what he wants... most of the time. =)


(Haha, yeah. I couldn't see him not being able to drive, but I also couldn't see him bothering to renew it..)

Thanks for commenting!

Date: 2011-09-08 05:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Cabin Pressure/Sherlock crossovers are such a guilty pleasure.

Though I'm not sure where the guilt's supposed to come in, because this verse is nothing but lovely.

Date: 2011-09-08 01:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*blushes* Thank you. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for your comment!

Date: 2011-09-08 06:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is so good and exciting! :D
I'm still a bit confused though...I'm inclined to believe that Martin is Sherlock and Sherlock is Martin...I feel like Arthur would know XD

Date: 2011-09-08 01:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

Okay. I'm sure you'll find out if you're right in a few chapters. Haha, it is Arthur though... =)

Thanks for commenting!

Date: 2011-09-08 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You know, the whole Sherlock is Martin's half brother thing is now my head canon...

Can't wait for more of this!

Date: 2011-09-10 09:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That seems to be happening to a few people... It's my head canon so I'm happy to see it shared! =)

Thank you for commenting and more soonish... hopefully.

Date: 2011-09-09 02:08 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Still confused and still enthralled...

Date: 2011-09-10 09:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying this. =D

Date: 2011-10-22 03:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Brilliant, i recently discovered Cabin Pressure and am totally in love with Sherlock/Martin brother fics. I have to know what happens next! Did the bad men kill Mycroft? Is Moriarty being a spooty-head to Martin? How will Moriarty react to the not!Sherlock? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERING!

I will now proceed to stalk your lj :D

Date: 2011-10-22 12:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Welcome to the fandom. =)

Those questions, and more, will be answered. In about two weeks or so when I've finished exams. =D

xD Have fun.

Thank you for commenting

Date: 2011-11-16 05:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Read through the entire thing in between classes today and yesterday- great verse! I've never seen/heard of Cabin Pressure but I think now I need to check it out; this seems like a really fun story.

Great job! Thank you for sharing!

Date: 2011-11-21 10:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh thank you! You really should, Cabin Pressure is an awesome radio program- very funny and brilliantly written.

You're welcome! Thanks for commenting!

Date: 2011-11-16 10:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I got rec'd this, and I'm loving it. I'm going to have to track down Cabin Pressure now.

BTW, UK driving licenses don't really expire - the old paper style is valid from the day you pass your test until you're 70 (and since Sherlock probably passed his test before 1998, this would be the type he'd have). The photo version needs to be updated every 10 years, but that's just to update the photo - the license itself doesn't expire.

Date: 2011-11-21 10:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you!

You really should, it's the best radio program I've heard. So funny, and brilliantly written.

Oh, okay. I was going by Australian licenses where you have to update every five years and if you let it lapse for a few years you need to get your license again. Or something like that.

Thanks for commenting!


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